Lydell Birch, (b. September 22nd, 1979 in Trinidad)
better known by his stage name Moka Blast, is an American rapper. Billed as the ladies heart throb, Moka Blast aka Blast The Beautiful have carved a very unique lane for himself. Over the last decade, Moka Blast have teamed up with a slew of hip hop heavy hitters as he sat atop the underground circuit. Such artists includes Styles P, Gillie Da Kid, Mr Cheeks, Bun B, Slim Thug, and Jadakiss. With backing by the United Kingdom's mix tape juggernaut DJ Ames - Moka Blast is now a force to be reckoned with. With his latest single "Does This For Real" ft Jadakiss, Moka Blast have garnered the attention of record labels and created an industry buzz.
By the time Moka Blast was born his parents were
divorced and had went separate ways. By age 11, his mother had opted for him to move with her and her new family to South Jamaica Queens. Moka Blast quickly learned that his new environment was not for the faint of heart. So to avoid the perils of the streets he started going to the studio with his childhood friends. The District was formed but quickly disbanded as most of the members were incarcerated. This forced Moka Blast to be a solo artist. Always up for a challenge, he honed his craft by doing open mics along the eastern seaboard. With numerous magazine features stemming from Ozone, The Source, Coast To Coast, Makin' It Mag, WWS & Hip Hop Stardom, Moka Blast
have been knocking on the door for quite some time.
Over the last 12 months, Blast The Beautiful
have transformed into a commercial draw, leaving the humble dwellings of his previous underground kingdom aloof. His bevy of work have come as hip hop is changing and looks for the complete artist. With the ability to direct, shoot, edit and produce his own material, Moka Blast is forever on the grind. With 2012 looking very promising for him, Moka Blast will very soon be a household name.